letterboxForm Home Improvements offer pre-cast cement Letterboxes which are approximately between 800mm and 1200mm high and are smaller versions of our Fence Pillars. We usually install our letterboxes, which does include a footing.

The letter plate is a standard brass, black or bright silver, but for a small additional fee, can be powder coated to the desired colour.

Numbers and magazine rings can be supplied and fitted, for an extra cost.

Purchase style that lasts. Concrete precast letterboxes offer long-lasting style and utility. Our letterboxes are manufactured to match the profile and colour scheme of existing structures. Optional extras are available to ensure you get a letterbox that suits your requirements.

Parameters for Concrete Letterboxes

Sizes – Letterboxes are a smaller version of our fence pillar products. Available in 800mm and 1200mm heights.

Letter Plate – We offer letter plates in standard brass, black or bright silver. Powder coating can also be added for an addition cost.

Signage – Numbers and magazine rings can be supplied and fitted to concrete letterboxes at an additional cost.

Precast cement letterboxes offer style and great functionality.